Welcome to Facilitate Art

My name is Robert, and I've been doodling ever since I can remember. I'm not a particularly artistic guy, but I appreciate art as much as the next person whether it be through music, literature, or paintings. I enjoy taking part in the process of creating art, but find it hard to recreate the image that appears in my mind’s eye.

Because I am not artistically inclined, I reached out to a friend of mine, someone I would consider an artist, and commissioned a painting that I hang in my studio apartment that was previously devoid of any color or emotion. He was generous in how much he charged me for this piece, which is something I will forever appreciate. I am cognizant that not everyone has the luxury of being able to reach out to an artist to create something unique for them, and art prints just don’t have the same depth as authentic pieces. How, then, can more people engage in the process of creating something unique for themselves and others?

This website was born as a result of this thinking. Dan Robbins’s paint-by-numbers kits, which you can find here, were designed to allow everyone to experience art for themselves by giving us a chance to create something, even if we can’t draw at all (I primarily speak for myself here). I source these kits from manufacturers primarily located in China who have been making them for several years, allowing them the opportunity to refine and perfect their craft. This also helps me provide you with greater variety at reduced costs! I have purchased several myself to test for quality and to ensure they meet my own standards before even thinking of sharing them with others. I enjoy the process of painting, and having these numbered guides helps me make something recognizable and beautiful, which is more than I can say about my doodles!

Painting by numbers is an exercise in mindfulness. The therapeutic activity finishes with a piece one can admire and share with others, all the while learning about the process of painting through guided strokes. Although the paintings themselves may not be originals, Larry Robbins, son of the kit's creator, cleverly remarked that “20 copies of the same painting can still show variations in style and coloring, just as if you had 20 different people playing Beethoven, you would have 20 different sounds.”